Thursday, 21 March 2013

Balmi Lip Balm's

Hello everyone!

Well, it definitely has been a while!

I thought I would get the ball rolling again by talking about the Balmi Lip balms.

Now, the last lip balm post I did was about the Nivea Lip butters and I do still think they are fabulous but I feel as winter is drawing to a close (hopefully!) I want to still keep my lips hydrated but without that heavy feeling of the Shea butter. This is where the Balmi's come in to play!

I recently got the minty one and I really like it. It has a lovely minty smell that isn't too overpowering and leaves a lovely cooling, tingling effect on the lips. In fact, this product is quite similar to Carmex but Carmex is a more thicker product.

The Balmi comes in a ball shape with a key ring attachment so that you can attach it to your keys or handbag which would be really handy if it worked! This is the only down side to balm, and to be honest, I'm probably being a bit picky! The key chain is quite flimsy in fact when the key chain was attached to my keys it kept unclipping from the bottom of the Balmi just leaving you with the open bottom of the balm and if that was left in my handbag, it would definitely not be recovered as a balm!

So, on to the good points! The case that the balm comes in is quite petite for the amount of product you get which is super good! The balm is encased in a circular shape tub where the lid screws off as a semi circle leaving you with the balm.

I found the shape of the balm quite odd at first but it makes it super easy to apply straight from the tub for a quick application on the go.

Although the balm is quite light weight my lips felt hydrated for at least a few hours without the need to re apply.

Priced at £4.99 from boots. I may have to try a couple more flavours!

Let me know which lip balms are your favourite!

See you soon!

Katie xxx


  1. Looks like an EOS Lip Balm. Have you tried those? They are really interesting, ahahaha.

    I hope you will check out my blog as well! :)

    Brittany, xoxox!

    1. Yeah I have heard that they are very similar! Balmi have just recently changed the shape of the balms to a more square tub with a cone shaped type lip balm. I'm not too keen on it but I still think the formula is very good!