Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I have a new blog... don't worry Katie's Beauty Boutique is staying

As part of my degree course I have been required to set up a new blog and I wasn't allowed to use an existing blog. I wasn't happy about this as I have put a lot into this blog and I feel as though I have to start all over again.

So, incase you worry, I will still be posting on here however I will also be making posts over on the new blog which I have named: Northern Beauty Blog because I'm a northern gal and wanted to show the north a little love.

I have only made two posts and it looks a little like a ghost town. So, could you all be so kind as to head over to the new blog and show it a little bit of love. I would really appreciate it.

I hope you are having a lovely day


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

An Ode to Hydraluron

Recently I have been taking a keen interest in making sure I take good care of my skin. I have quite problematic skin and have been trying out products to get it on the road back to normality.

I have always wondered why my skin has soaked up my foundation and it has always extremely frustrated me when my foundation does not last past 12pm.

After much research and lots of help from one AMAZING blog by the skincare goddess that is Caroline Hirons, I have found out a lot about my skin and I thought it was about time I shared this with you.

You know that problem I mentioned earlier? Turns out it's dehydrated skin AND there is a way to get rid of it!

If you want to know more about Dehydrated skin and how to get rid of it, you can find out in the article I wrote for Fashion North last week - Dry or Dehydrated Skin: Do You Know The Difference

So, Caroline has mentioned many times of her holy grail product: Hydraluron. This is a rehydrating serum from Indeed Labs. It is packed with hyaluronic acid. This is an ingredient which is vital for rehydrating the skin. It holds up to 1000x its weight in water.

Now onto the effects. Is this really working?

The answer? YES IT IS. This tiny little product that I have added to my skincare routine has completely changed my skin for the better. My skin is a lot more rehydrated. It is more plump and holds make up really well. I no longer experience any flakiness of the skin.

Because my skin is now more rehydrated, I have noticed that the overall condition of my skin has improved and, slowly, it is on the road to normality. Because there isn't as much flakiness, the skin isn't over producing oil to compensate for the dryness... Longer lasting make up HOORAH

All of this is down to this one little product. My opinion? The best thing I have found for my skin in a long time.

Would I recommend this product? ABSOLUTELY YES.

Recently Indeed Labs have released Hydraluron moisture boosting masks. What are your opinions? are they worth the hype? I would love to hear from you



Monday, 27 January 2014

Have I really been gone that long?! What's been happening with Katie

Well, hasn't it been a while!

So, I thought I would write a little post to let you know what's been happening.

Last time I posted I was in the middle of doing the Pixiwoo Intensive Beauty Course. I believe it was my first day there and I was promised to post about what I got up to... *slaps hand* I'm sorry I didn't do that however I did not expect to be so busy. So here are a few pictures of the makeup looks I created on each of the different days.

Every day with added red lip
Bridal - my fave
Drag day - this is not me by the way!
Period make up... yes that is Sam Chapman in the background

My most favourite - freestyle 
Just after the course I came home to celebrate my 18th. Yipee! I had a lovely time and received some lovely gifts.

I then graduated from college with really good grades and I started university in September. I am currently at University of Sunderland studying Fashion Journalism and I am having SO much fun. One of my lecturers used to write for Grazia Magazine!! However there is LOADS of work. I really have met some amazing people including the lovely Emily Parker from emulehparker.co.uk and Megan Fife from Talking About M. I also have made friends with Kate, the most loveliest country girl who is sick to death of me nagging her about not using moisturiser. (KATE IF YOU ARE READING THIS SLAP SOME ON NOW) I also met Mike, who is Vivienne Westwood obsessed and knows everything and anything about fashion. And not to mention Elliott who would be unrecognisable without his famous quiff. 

I then had a little bit of a tough time as we found out some bad news within the family but everything is on the up now and we are on the road to recovery!

A major achievement for me in 2013 was that I passed my driving test with no faults! I could't have been any more happier and student loan... bought me a lovely little VW Up as my first car. I decided to name her Valerie. I love driving her so much and it has made things a lot easier. I no longer have to leave the house at 6:45am to get to Uni for a 9am lecture... I am enjoying my lie ins too. 
Valerie - Val for short
So I then had Christmas and New Year which was so lovely to spend time with the family and have a somewhat relaxing time. So, now we are here and the time is flying by ever so quickly again. Lottie the little puppy I posted about is going to be 1 next week! How time has flied! I cannot believe it she is the best little thing that has happened. She is the happiest little dog I have ever known and does not stop wagging her tail. She is so loving and so obedient as well... for my first ever dog I really am quite proud. 

See what I mean about being so happy?

So I thought I would share with you my intentions for 2014... a little late I know but I still have 11 months to complete them! Plus, the christmas chocolate needed eating!! 

I have decided that 2014 is the year that I am going to become more healthy and fitter. I started slimming world last year just before Christmas (wrong time I know) however I had my weigh in today and I am 1lbs off losing my first stone! 

I also intend to start running again as I really enjoyed it and I felt a lot fitter. 

And last BUT not least... I intend to post more regularly on here! So... suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

So, have a good day whatever you are up to and we WILL see each other again A LOT sooner than last time!! 



Sunday, 4 August 2013

Pixiwoo August Intensive Beauty Course

Hello all!

I have been dying to let you all into this little secret for a while, but seen as though I am currently on route to Norwich I thought I might as well let you all know! 

About a year ago I noticed that Pixiwoo did intensive make up courses - by golly was I interested! Straight away I got in touch with Stacey Oakes who work for the pixiwoo sisters and she told me that they have places available on the August course, which in my eyes is brilliant as it is just before my 18th birthday so I'm classing it as my birthday week learning all about make up. I'm in beauty and blogger heaven!

I start the course tomorrow but I thought that I would go down today so that I can get all organised and settled ready for tomorrow! 

I have decided that I will do I couple of posts this week to keep you all updated and let you know how I am progressing on the course!! 

So toodles for now! I will see you in a few days! 

Katie xx

Monday, 3 June 2013

PS Beauty

Hello my little cherubs, How you doing?

Today I am doing a little bit of a different post. It is to let you know about a new Beauty website that I am really starting to love and I'm sure you will love too! 

PS Beauty has been around for almost a year, so they are fairly new! Two men started out the company with a vision that they can help everyone to find the right beauty products that will benefit them individually and there will be no more wasted money!

With more and more people investing into the site, it looks like PS Beauty will be the ultimate resource for if you want to find the answer to ANY beauty question online!!

They are getting bigger by the day and have some big plans for the future, including a search engine, where it will allow you to look for any product and you will instantly be able to see whether it will work for you!

They currently have just the one tool to use, which is the foundation tool. This was what amazed me! You have to answer some basic questions about what skin type you have, what kind of coverage you prefer and also tell them what foundations you have already tried and give them a little rate. Overall this took about 10 minutes and then they gave me my results of 3 foundations that I should try out!

My results were the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclait, MAC Face and Body, and Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. I took this quiz at the right time as I had just ran out of foundation so I was willing to give another one a try! I had heard a lot about Le Teint Touche Eclait so I thought I would go with that one and so far I really am loving it! I will write a separate review for that once I have been using it for long enough to be able to tell you how it lasts and how my skin reacts to it!

They also plan to create tools for almost every beauty related category that you can imagine! From make - up, to hair, to body and even things such as pregnancy!

I am so excited to see what other tricks PS Beauty pull out of the bag but for now, I would highly recommend going and trying out their foundation tool. It really is amazing and I couldn't thank them enough for the recommendations!

I hope you are as excited about their website as I am as I think this will be a fantastic place for Beauty Addicts and Bloggers to socialize!

You can check out their website at: http://beauty.ps/

Bye for now!


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Meet Lottie

Hello Everyone!

So, as I mentioned about two posts ago, I said that I was getting a puppy and she is going to have her own blog.

Well, here it is!


Yes, that is right, Lottie has her own little blog! She will make regular updates, telling you about all the mischievous things she gets up to!

Check it out, it's only new, as is Lottie so there isn't many posts yet, but many are to come!




Thursday, 21 March 2013

Balmi Lip Balm's

Hello everyone!

Well, it definitely has been a while!

I thought I would get the ball rolling again by talking about the Balmi Lip balms.

Now, the last lip balm post I did was about the Nivea Lip butters and I do still think they are fabulous but I feel as winter is drawing to a close (hopefully!) I want to still keep my lips hydrated but without that heavy feeling of the Shea butter. This is where the Balmi's come in to play!

I recently got the minty one and I really like it. It has a lovely minty smell that isn't too overpowering and leaves a lovely cooling, tingling effect on the lips. In fact, this product is quite similar to Carmex but Carmex is a more thicker product.

The Balmi comes in a ball shape with a key ring attachment so that you can attach it to your keys or handbag which would be really handy if it worked! This is the only down side to balm, and to be honest, I'm probably being a bit picky! The key chain is quite flimsy in fact when the key chain was attached to my keys it kept unclipping from the bottom of the Balmi just leaving you with the open bottom of the balm and if that was left in my handbag, it would definitely not be recovered as a balm!

So, on to the good points! The case that the balm comes in is quite petite for the amount of product you get which is super good! The balm is encased in a circular shape tub where the lid screws off as a semi circle leaving you with the balm.

I found the shape of the balm quite odd at first but it makes it super easy to apply straight from the tub for a quick application on the go.

Although the balm is quite light weight my lips felt hydrated for at least a few hours without the need to re apply.

Priced at £4.99 from boots. I may have to try a couple more flavours!

Let me know which lip balms are your favourite!

See you soon!

Katie xxx

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Guys I am so sorry that I haven't been posting it has been a very hectic eek at college and I have had loads of deadlines to attend too, boo!

So, the posts are going to start next week and that is a PROMISE to you! So if you have suggestions send them my way!

But in the mean time I thought I would share with you something very exciting that I have waiting to tell everyone about for a long time now.

So, my exciting news is that we are getting a puppy! She is now almost 6 weeks old and we get to take her home in 2 weeks! She is a cockapoo which is a cross breed between a cocker spaniel and a poodle!

Upon Lottie's arrival she will soon have her very own blog! Where she will share with you what she has been doing and what adventures she has been getting up too!

I am so excited about owning a dog and if you guys have any tips for me send them my way!

Thanks for all your support!

Katie xx

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Late posting! Sorry!

Hello everyone! I'm really sorry that I haven't posted in a while I have been mega busy but, I am free tomorrow to write a super duper post for you all! I will be showing you how I clean my make-up brushes and how I care for them as I think it it very, very important to keep your brushes clean!

And, I have also gotten an amazing cabinet to store all my make up in, so I will be doing a storage post as well!

So, I'm just posting to say, not to worry, I haven't forgotten about you and I still love you all!

Lots of love



Monday, 25 February 2013


Hello there my little boutiquers! How are you?! It's been a while, hasn't it! I'm sorry I haven't blogged for a while, I have just been busy, busy, busy! But, fear not, I'm back again!

So, I have recently been trying out the Biore Deep Cleansing Nose Strips and I have to say, I am still very unsure about them!

Now I had seen loads of people raving about them and I noticed they were on offer in Superdrug so I took the chance and purchased them! You may have seen them in my Beauty Haul Video! The first thing that I didn't like was that personally, I thought that they were a little on the pricey side for just six nose strips. I know that they were on offer but they were only reduced by £2! They usually retail for about £7.

These nose strips look a little bit like plasters when you take them out the packaging, as the side that is facing up has the same feeling to surgical tape! I find it so weird that when I find something, I associate them with the most weirdest of things! So they are fairly straight forward to use, you wet your nose, peel the strip off it's backing and stick it onto your nose, one thing I do like about the strip (omg she likes something about them?!) is that they have little slits in them so that it helps them to mould to the shape of your nose more easily. This then gets wet which activates the magic of the strip! oolala! I think the water turns the sticky back into a gel that sticks to all the impurities on your nose, clogged pores/blackheads. (I'm finding this product so hard to describe!) You then have to wait about 10-15 minutes for the strip to dry like concrete. It goes so hard but I guess that is the only way for it to pull all of the mess out of your nose! When it comes to pulling it off I thought that it would be absolutely fine and easy to do but guys if you have a very low pain threshold like me, then you will find this so painful to the point where (I'm not even joking) your eyes will water so much you will look as though you have been crying your eyes out at Titanic, or the fact that you have just finished watching Skyfall and you are so upset that Daniel Craig will not be visiting our TV screens again for at least another 2 years. I was actually really shocked at what I saw on this little nose strip. It looked like loads of little spikes had been pulled out of my nose!

Now, I was so pleased with the result and my nose felt really clean afterwards, although very dry, which was very weird!

Now onto the after effects. Since using them my skin has changed completely, which I am not happy about! I used to have normal/combination skin and now it is just so oily! I guess because my nose isn't clogged up anymore, the oil just keeps coming out of my open pores! I am really dissapointed about this and I hope that my skin will go back to normal some time soon. I have found that I have had to change my skin care, daytime moisturiser AND foundation! And you all know that I hadn't had the Laura Mercier Silk Creme for very long at all!

So sorry that I am posting a little bit of a bad review, I just thought that I should let you know about my experience when using this product!

If you guys have any advice on what I should do about my skin or any new products I should try out for oily skin, as I am new to having it, just let me know!

Have you ever used the Biore Deep Cleansing Nose Strips before? Let me know.

Also if you would like me to do a post on how I have changed my skin care and make up routine to suit my oily skin, let me know as well!

See you soon!

Katie x

Saturday, 16 February 2013


Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and enjoying your very longed for weekend!

I just wanted to share with you some cute nail polishes that I got from ESSIE today. They are so cute and I can't wait to try them out!

I got, Fiji, Cute as a Button and Eternal Optimist!

Pictures are below! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Katie xxx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Hello all you lovely people!

So, many of you are probably experts in face care, and I was wanting to ask for YOUR advice. YES, I NEED YOUR HELP.

I have been wanting to get the Embryolisse moisturiser for quite some time but I simply can't decide which one to get!

I am stuck between the Lait-Creme Concentrate or the Hydra Mat. Both look very good but I simply can't decide. Check them out here!

So, I thought I would tell you all about my skin and let you decide which would be better for me!

I get quite oily, acne prone skin, through my t-zone, to the point where my make up will not last all day because of it (no matter what I use). However, I get a lot of redness in my cheeks and a bit of dehydration.

So, if you all could be nice enough to recommend a moisturiser for me, please comment below or email me katiebeautyboutique@gmail.com

Thank you!

Katie x

Monday, 11 February 2013




I have been nominated for the Liebster award by the lovely Maria, so thank you very much! 

The liebster award is to help promote and learn about other bloggers with below 200 followers and you can then submit other bloggers who deserve some support to keep doing what they are doing.

The rules state that a nominee must link back to the blogger from whom they received a nomination.  The nominee will then write 11 random facts about themselves and then answer the 11 questions which have been set for them. They will then in turn nominate fellow bloggers that they think deserve some recognition and pose 11 questions to them. This is a great chance for fellow bloggers to get to know each other and have some fun.

So please, take part!


1. I can't go shopping without taking a look at the beauty department
2. I'm a really fussy eater! Mainly to do with veg! 
3. When I was little, I was allergic to milk! 
4. No matter how I look after my skin or what I use, my make up will never stay on my face all day HELP
5. I buy at least one beauty product a week
6. I don't have a computer/laptop at home that works!
7. I edit all my videos at college! 
8. My favourite meal is Spaghetti Bolognese
9. My favourite dessert is warm chocolate brownie with ice cream and chocolate fudge sauce.
10. My celebrity role model for a long time has been Adele. This is because she has proved to the world that you don't have to be stick thin to be successful and has shown to the world that you shouldn't be afraid to be yourself and I really admire that! 
11. Since starting blogging, I have realised that it is one of the only things I am passionate about and I really enjoy, so a big thank you to the blogging community!!



After watching other beauty videos on the Internet I was really inspired to learn more about make up and I really enjoyed telling people about beauty products. I knew that not everybody wasn't as interested and passionate about the subject as me and that was when I decided to join the blogging community where I could talk about beauty products I loved and I was able to see what other bloggers and readers thought! 


Well it obviously has to be jeans! They are much easier and I don't have to worry about my skirt blowing up or it being the right length! 


Oh my god! I am terrified of spiders! I can't even be in the same room as one, also I can't even go near them to capture them to get rid of them! That is why I don't think I will ever be able to live alone!


Well, it is obviously gonna have to be Ginger! GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS haha 


My mum told me this. When I was little, I made a little box at nursery (part of the craft class) and I told my mum that I had made her a little box filled with love. She said she loved it so much and still has it today.


To have my blog professionally! Be trained in make up and have my own little blogging studio! 


I haven't watched a movie in AGES! The last movie I watched was Elf at Christmas time! 


The holiday I look forward to the most, every year, has got to be Christmas! I am so festive! I love Christmas because you get to spend it with the people you love (my family). I really enjoy Christmas time and I love doing all things festive with my family! 


You know, I'm not that talented! Although, I did manage to teach my self a play a few tunes on the piano! Oh! I also learned how to play violin in primary school and I was in the school choir at secondary school. 


Beauty wise: Simple Eye Make Up remover 
Non Beauty Product: Surprise, surprise, chocolate!


No I don't but I did take French GCSE at school!


(even though she nominated me!) Maria


1. On average, how long does it take you to write a blog post?
2. What is your proudest accomplishment to date?
3. Name one Beauty product you simply couldn't live without!
4. What is your favourite food?
5. What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done? 
6. Where would you like to go for your dream Holiday?
7. Lipstick or Mascara?
8. What is your most used app on your phone?
9. What is your most favourite shop?
10. Who is your role model?
11. What could you not last a day without?

Thank you so much for reading and thank you to Maria for nominating me! Go check out everyones blogs in this post and, if I have nominated you, you need to make a post NOW! 

Katie x

Friday, 8 February 2013


Hello, all you lovely people! As promised here is the post for Valentines ideas for her!

So, it's less than a week till Valentine's (I think!!) and all you loved up men are probably just starting to panic as to what you are going to get for your extra special loved one! Fear not I'm here to help and being a girl myself I'm sure I have found something that she will love!

If you are on a budget, and you want to make your partner still feel loved and special on Valentines day, then the East Of India Dinner Love Token is the perfect romantic touch to making a night in feel very special and romantic just £2 from John Lewis. They also have a Love Ticket for Breakfast in Bed but they are out of stock at the moment and I am unsure as to whether they will get this back in stock before Valentines day. 

I think that the Flora by Gucci Gift Set is a really lovely perfume gift with a scent that you can't go wrong with. It is one of THE most loveliest perfumes, in fact I wear this my self!  It is such a special and inviting scent, perfect to give to your girl before you whisk her away for the perfect romantic evening! £45.50 from Amazon.

Make sure that she will be on time to your date with this beautiful DKNY Watch  made with stainless steel and a brushed finish. It is a quartz battery powered bracelet style watch. I think this is a very simplistic design that is stunningly beautiful! Who wouldn't be happy with a bit of sparkle?! Reduced to £95 on Amazon. 

And of course if you are still stuck in a rut as to what to get her but you love her so much! Just remember that 'Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend'!

So thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a lovely valentines what ever you're doing, with or without a date!

What are you thinking of getting your loved one this Valentines?

Let me know!

Katie x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Well hello there my lovely beauty boutiquers! I just wanted to share with you today what I made in college! I made a super cool intro for my YouTube channel that will be featured at the beginning of every video! I hope you like it! Katie x

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Well hello there my little beauties! I hope have enjoyed your dreary Tuesday! Don't worry, the weekend isn't that far away!!!!

As some of you may already know (or found me via them) I was on DailyMixTV!!!! I have been waiting for what feels like forever to tell you all about when I got to go to London (in Covent Garden!!! Aaaaaah!)

Tanya is just so so so lovely! You really need to check her out on YouTube!

I applied for DailyMix about 3 months ago through email, where I then had to fill out a very simple form, and then about a week later I had to send in a little 30 second video telling Tanya what I love about her YouTube channel and which celebrity people tell me I look like.

I then sent that off to the lovely team at DailyMix and then I didn't really hear anything back from then until just after Christmas when I got a very unexpected phone call asking me to come down to London in two days time! Well, I was so so so shocked ladies!! I was like a little kid finding out they were going to Disney Land!!

The team that worked with me were so lovely and really helped me in every way possible to get me there on time!

The whole thing took an hour and a half and was so cool getting to watch how they film! After filming I had some time before my train to go shopping and go to a lovely restaurant! I was very naughty and treated my self to two handbags from Aldo!

So, this is a special post to DailyMixTV and Tanya Burr to thank them for giving me such a great day that I will never forget!

I really urge you to check out DailyMixTV to watch the amazing videos on YouTube, created by amazing people!

You can check out the Adele Make over Tanya did on me here

Enjoy your day where ever you are!

Lots of love

Katie x

Monday, 4 February 2013


Well hello there my lovely beauties!

Today I got the Glinda Oz palette from Urban Decay!

I am so excited to try this out!

Keep posted for the review to follow!

Let me know if you would like me to post today's full haul!

What beauty products have you bought today? Let me know I always love to hear from you!

Katie x


Good morning my lovelies!

Just a quick post this morning to tell you about the new Nivea Lip Butters!

I heard many other beauty guru's reviewing them saying they were really good and I was a bit skeptical to try them as I do simply love my Carmex.

I got mine from boots and it was £2.25 for the little tin, which I think is roughly the same price for Carmex.

As you all can see in the picture I chose the Vanilla and Macadamia flavour as I thought the smell was just simply divine and so luxurious! I wasn't actually planning on getting this as I was out and about and was in need of a lip balm when I had lost my usual lip balm so I ran into boots and picked up this.

I think that this is the perfect lip balm for the winter months and it feels so luxurious when I apply it! There is no tingling or cool sensation when applied just complete luxury!

The only thing I'm not so keen on is the packaging. It's a bit flimsy and I think it can be easily damaged when it i knocking about with all the rubble in my handbag! Apart from that I'm in love with the actual product!

I particularly like to use this to make a tinted lip balm! I apply this to my lips first to make them smooth and soft and then my lip stick on top, as it will just give a nice wash of colour for a daytime look.

What's your favourite lip balm? I always love to hear from you!

Enjoy your day!

Katie x

Monday, 28 January 2013


Well hello there my lovelies! You may have noticed a little change to the blog! I hope you like it! I simply love it!

So, Christmas and New Year is done and dusted and it is now time to start having a little think about the next occasion that will be happening in just over 2 weeks time! Some get terrified at the thought of Valentines and some simply love it! Fear not if you are stuck on what to get your special loved one, I am here to help!

This post is what I think would be lovely to treat HIM to, so this could be your crush, boyfriend, partner or husband, or what ever you simply would like to call him! So, gone are the days where you simply exchange a little red rose and a cuddly teddy that you know for a fine fact that he will never use, here you will find something that you know he will like!

So, the first gift you could start off with is an AFTERSHAVE that you know he likes, or you could be a little bit adventurous (I know I'm not!) and pick the scent for him yourself! That way, you know that he will be smelling lovely, just how you like it!

Paco Rabanne 1 Million 

Th first gift is the Paco Rabanne 1 Million. I think that this fragrance is absolutely lovely! In fact I think that I may be a little obsessed with it because when someone passes me and I get just a little whiff, I fall in love, the smell is so fresh and sensual! I just need to get to that smell! To be honest, I think that this fragrance is now a classic. I'm sure your man would thank you for getting him this fragrance as I'm sure he will feel like he is worth a million dollars, knowing that his aftershave is infused with a little sprinkle of gold!


So, for 50ml your talking £36.50 from John Lewis

for 100ml it will be £49.99

and for a whopping 200ml £70

not a bad price for smelling like you are worth millions!

Izola Botanist Beard Oil

Whenever you give your man a hug or a kiss are you sick of getting scratched by his unruly dry coarse haired beard? Fear not! I have found a solution! The Izola Botanist Beard Oil is rich in vitamins and minerals to help repair any irritated skin cells, and condition the hair follicles.  Just £25 from johnlewis.com

Hugo Boss Franzisko Cufflinks, Navy

Keep your man looking very dapper for when he treats you to your Valentines meal with these simplistic Hugo Boss Cufflinks suitable for any suit wearer, these cufflinks are very simple yet stylish and made with a combination of Brass and Enamel. These will suit most shirt and tie combinations! £50 from johnlewis.com

So, you made it to the end, that is it with the Valentines Gifts for Him I hope that I have given you some inspiration and you are now not completely stuck in a rut with what to get your special loved one. Keep posted for next weeks post where I will feature Valentines Gift Ideas for HER.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you are all well! Let me know what you think or recommend as a gift in the comments below!

Katie x

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Hello! I hope that you are as excited about the snow as I am!

Anyway getting on with todays post!

Today I thought that I would talk about minimal make up that is natural looking and can be acceptable in your school (that's if make up is permitted!)

When it comes to picking your foundation I would go for a tinted moisturiser or a light to medium coverage foundation. You want to try and stay away from the heavier foundations as I believe that when you choose to wear them, they do not look good on your skin and your skin won't thank you for it either! I would also say the same goes for concealer!

When doing eye make up, you really want to try and keep it simple. Try to stick to just one to two colours. When I do a minimal make up look I like to keep my eyeshadow to a light colour with a hint of shimmer to brighten up the eyes. Occasionally I would take a soft dark colour underneath the eye to define the eyes.

Curling the lashes really helps to brighten and open the eyes making them standout even more.

For blusher I go for a soft looking colour and apply it to the apples of the cheeks, I think that it makes the skin look lovely and fresh for the day ahead. I prefer to use a cream blush as it looks loads more natural on the skin and gives a nice dewy finish to the cheeks.

If you have a drier skin type I would avoid powdering the skin as I believe it really isn't necessary for a minimal look but if you find your skin tends to get oily throughout the day I would add a little powder to the skin to help prevent oil breaking through and melting your make up away.

As for lips, stick with a neutral shade that compliments your skin tone! I would go for a tinted balm or a lip gloss.

I will be uploading a tutorial for a minimal look on a budget later on in the week to show you guys how I would do a natural look!

Thank you for reading guys and I hope to be back again soon!

What make up products would you recommend for natural looking make up? Let me know, I always love to hear from you!

Katie x

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Hello my lovelies!

I'm so sorry that I haven't made a post in a while but, I have just been enjoying the festivities of Christmas and eating far too much chocolate, and have been very busy creating a special treat for you guys!

Yes, here it is my first ever Makeup tutorial! 

I have created a look that will be more suitable for an evening look, as well as a day, if you do prefer heavy eye makeup. 

Thank you for all your support guys I hope you like it! 

Katie x

Thursday, 29 November 2012


Need a brush that blends your eyeshadow perfectly?

You have found the one!

This is one of the best brushes I have come across and if asked to pick my essential brushes I would definitely include it!

Don't have it? Get one. NOW.

Please comment, subscribe and share!

Thank you!

Katie x

Monday, 26 November 2012

Could this be a Wonder Tub?! Ultimate Skin Saver

Hello everyone.

So, I have been suffering from really bad eczema on my hands and around my ankles and I had tried everything. Medication from the doctors, prescribed creams, drugstore creams, you name it, I've tried it.

All of these creams that I was trying were absorbing into the skin nicely but once absorbed in, the skin was dry and cracked again.

So, I'd been reading reviews online of the Liz Earle Superbalm and most of the reviews highly recommended the product and said that they have had some really good results out of it. So, I thought, 'Why not?!' I might as well try this product as well.

I bought it from a John Lewis store in Newcastle as unfortunately for us northerners this is the only place where Liz Earle is stocked! I paid £16.25 for a 30g tub. I thought it could only be used on areas like dry skin and eczema but NO it can be used almost everywhere for different things! This literally is the ultimate skin saver.

Because the product only has naturally active ingredients in it, it did not sting my skin when applied! Woohoo! It doesn't feel hydrating when applied, more like greasy and quite dry but once it absorbs into the skin, my dry areas started to feel more hydrated and the redness was going down! It can also be used on the lips as a hydrating lip balm, perfect for the winter months, and it can even be used on your scalp to help cure dry frizzy hair!

I have been using this product since last night and I have seen a massive improvement in my skin already and it looks like it is on the road to recovery! AT LAST!

£16.25 to cure my eczema? I'm sold.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Quick Beauty Tip!

Hello everyone!

It is almost the weekend, time to pamper yourself!

I am going to leave you with a quick beauty tip this evening, just before bedtime! Surprisingly you can do this whilst brushing your teeth!

Once you have brushed your teeth, lightly buff your tooth brush over your lips to get rid of any dried dead skin. This will leave your lips feeling as soft as a baby's bottom! Apply your favourite lip balm to keep them feeling moisturised and you're ready to go!


Katie x

Monday, 19 November 2012

I'm on Bloglovin'

Hello everyone! Just a quick note to let you all know that I am now on Bloglovin'!


Bloglovin' is a cool website where you get to see all of your favourite blogs in one place and track all of their posts to make sure that you haven't missed a single one!

So, If you are wondering, yes I have linked this blog to it so please go over there and check it out! It is looking a little empty and bare at the moment because I am just learning how to use it!

Please follow my blog as it will make it well known!

Thank you!

Katie xx