Monday, 27 January 2014

Have I really been gone that long?! What's been happening with Katie

Well, hasn't it been a while!

So, I thought I would write a little post to let you know what's been happening.

Last time I posted I was in the middle of doing the Pixiwoo Intensive Beauty Course. I believe it was my first day there and I was promised to post about what I got up to... *slaps hand* I'm sorry I didn't do that however I did not expect to be so busy. So here are a few pictures of the makeup looks I created on each of the different days.

Every day with added red lip
Bridal - my fave
Drag day - this is not me by the way!
Period make up... yes that is Sam Chapman in the background

My most favourite - freestyle 
Just after the course I came home to celebrate my 18th. Yipee! I had a lovely time and received some lovely gifts.

I then graduated from college with really good grades and I started university in September. I am currently at University of Sunderland studying Fashion Journalism and I am having SO much fun. One of my lecturers used to write for Grazia Magazine!! However there is LOADS of work. I really have met some amazing people including the lovely Emily Parker from and Megan Fife from Talking About M. I also have made friends with Kate, the most loveliest country girl who is sick to death of me nagging her about not using moisturiser. (KATE IF YOU ARE READING THIS SLAP SOME ON NOW) I also met Mike, who is Vivienne Westwood obsessed and knows everything and anything about fashion. And not to mention Elliott who would be unrecognisable without his famous quiff. 

I then had a little bit of a tough time as we found out some bad news within the family but everything is on the up now and we are on the road to recovery!

A major achievement for me in 2013 was that I passed my driving test with no faults! I could't have been any more happier and student loan... bought me a lovely little VW Up as my first car. I decided to name her Valerie. I love driving her so much and it has made things a lot easier. I no longer have to leave the house at 6:45am to get to Uni for a 9am lecture... I am enjoying my lie ins too. 
Valerie - Val for short
So I then had Christmas and New Year which was so lovely to spend time with the family and have a somewhat relaxing time. So, now we are here and the time is flying by ever so quickly again. Lottie the little puppy I posted about is going to be 1 next week! How time has flied! I cannot believe it she is the best little thing that has happened. She is the happiest little dog I have ever known and does not stop wagging her tail. She is so loving and so obedient as well... for my first ever dog I really am quite proud. 

See what I mean about being so happy?

So I thought I would share with you my intentions for 2014... a little late I know but I still have 11 months to complete them! Plus, the christmas chocolate needed eating!! 

I have decided that 2014 is the year that I am going to become more healthy and fitter. I started slimming world last year just before Christmas (wrong time I know) however I had my weigh in today and I am 1lbs off losing my first stone! 

I also intend to start running again as I really enjoyed it and I felt a lot fitter. 

And last BUT not least... I intend to post more regularly on here! So... suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

So, have a good day whatever you are up to and we WILL see each other again A LOT sooner than last time!! 



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